Commissioned Film

Koka Underground Feature Film
Yoga The Architecture of Peace
The Song Keepers
Ajrakh Screenprinting Fabindia
The Ajrakh Story Fabindia
Fabindia & the Mastercraftsmans Tale
Ajrakh The Block Printers Tale Fabindia
Ajrakh Myths & Legends Fabindia
Ajrakh Indigo Dyeing Fabindia
Ajrakh Griege Cloth Fabindia
Ajrakh Ingredients Fabindia
Ajrakh Block Printing Fabindia
Times Gourmet week Times City Presents
Times Gourmet week American Express Presents
Time Lapses for Film on K.P Singh by Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra
NGO - Raising Awareness on Yamuna
Leadership Journey for Business Leaders and CEO,s
Music Video for Da Saaz Commercial Television release

Personal Film